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Brunch is Best


Delicious, aesthetically pleasing, fancy named brunch.

Just the word brunch makes people excited. Going to brunch, hosting brunch, it all brings joy.

I personally love brunch and brunch recipes but some of them (the more beautiful ones often seen on Instagram) can seem a bit... complicated.

I've cracked the brunch code on one of the IG favorites, though. Shakshuka, I fear you no more!

In case you've somehow missed it, beautiful brightly colored skillets of Shakshuka in various colors and iterations have practically taken over #brunch. And for good reason, while impressive looking it is relatively simple and I've found a way to get it on the table even faster and without the use of the oven.

This recipe uses a hearty, chunky deli soup from a local grocery store. Grab 12-16oz (or more) of a favorite tomato based soup that fits this description at your local grocery store deli counter, delicatessen, or even a canned soup that fits the description will work.

Bonus, any leftovers make the most incredible grilled sandwich you can find for the next day's brunch!

Give this one a try, you won't be disappointed!


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