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Whatever Floats Your Coffee

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

I made Cuban coffee for the first time yesterday and even though I couldn't help myself and drank THREE cafecitos, I still had about 4 cups worth. I have a nice sized Moka pot and a Cuban coffee is actually more like an espresso so it's only a 3 oz serving.

I didn't want to toss it, but the thought of microwaving it the next day wasn't appealing either. As I looked around my kitchen trying to decide what to do my eyes lit upon these:

I love using these to make cake mix donuts, but that's all I've ever really used them for. Turns out that each cavity holds about the same amount my little demitasse cups do...which is the size of one Cuban coffee. BINGO!

I filled 4 of the cavities up with the strong, sweet brew and popped them in the freezer very carefully (no lid).

About 4 hours later they were pretty solid. By this morning they were completely solid. I pushed one out of it's mold and dropped it in a glass of oat milk. By the time I got the rest of my breakfast together It had started melting into my oat milk, creating an ice cold creamy, sweet morning drink. You could easily adjust the amount of milk to your taste or use it in place of an ice cube in another coffee based beverage so that it doesn't water down your drink. This would work with regular coffee as well and you could put more than one in your cup.

Bonus, since it's a ring you can put your straw right through the middle, LOL.

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