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Baby, I'm back!

Hello all. It's been awhile and I've missed you, and blogging, very much.


If you're wondering where I've been, it's a long story. The quick version is that through some fault of my own and some fault of my previous hosting service, I lost all of my blog content. I was discouraged and heartbroken. There were some posts that I was really proud of and some beautiful comments from some of you that were just...gone. Then it seemed like I couldn't find the momentum to get going again, even when I surprised M with a trip to Disneyland Paris or started a health journey that has me down a few dress sizes. I wanted to share, but I just couldn't get myself moving. Now I find myself with a shiny new website and a brand new camera and I'm ready to take on the world again and share my adventures with you all. That is, if you'll have me.


You'll notice some changes, I've switched hosting platforms and I'm hoping it was a good decision. Please bear with me as I learn this new host/platform. I'm hoping to return the same type of content that I had before. Sharing (hopefully witty) observations about from our lives and tips, tricks and products that make mom-ing and millenial-ing easier and more fun. I also want to share more reviews of things and places and experiences with you. I know the internet is one of my most valued resources when I'm planning the way I'm going to spend the limited "free" time I have with my baby. If I can help be that sort of resource for someone else, I'll be thrilled.

Renewed-ly yours, E

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